Armstrong McDonald Foundation

Grant Eligibility

Effective December 2008, the Armstrong McDonald Foundation will only accept unsolicited grant requests from those IRS approved non-profits listed on the "Pre-Approved for Grant Submission List." This list can be viewed by clicking on that link at the bottom of this page. Please note that this list will be updated annually in December with additions and/or deletions.

All other IRS approved non-profits desiring to submit a grant request to this foundation must meet the following three qualifications: NO EXCEPTIONS

  1. Be incorporated in either the State of Arizona or Nebraska; and
  2. Have their physical office located in their state of incorporation; and
  3. Spend any awarded grant funds within their state of incorporation.
If the qualifications are met, the IRS approved non-profit not on the “Pre-Approved for Grant Submission List” must complete the “Request for Approval to Submit a Grant Request” electronic one page form. Click on that link at the bottom of this page, complete it IN THE SPACE ALLOTED and email it to the foundation. All trustees will review the request and vote whether to approve a complete application as provided in the “Application Process” section of this website. The electronic request must be dated August 1 or earlier. Approvals/denials will be emailed to the non-profit no later than September 1. PLEASE NOTE: Approval of the request form does not result in an automatic placement on the pre-approved list.

Pre-Approved for Grant Submission (changed May 15, 2018)

Request for Approval to Submit a Grant Request