1. How will I know that the foundation received my grant request?

You will receive a confirmation email.

2. Is the deadline date flexible under any circumstances?

The deadline date is not flexible unless the foundation's computer is not functioning on the deadline date.

3. Will the foundation reply to a request for reason(s) why my grant request was not funded?

The foundation does not honor such requests.

4. Your application does not allow sufficient space for me to "tell my story" adequately. May I expand it?

The foundation's application provides sufficient space for the trustees to assess the request and decide whether it fits. You will not be able to expand it.

5. If I am unsure about whether my project fits your criteria, how can I obtain an answer to my question(s)?

You may telephone the foundation at 520-878-9627 and discuss your project with a trustee. You may also use our email info@armstrongmcdonaldfoundation.org briefly outlining your project and answer will be forthcoming.

6. How can I get on the "Pre-Approved" List?

By invitation only.