McDonald Foundation

The Armstrong McDonald Foundation allocates around $1 million in grants annually, with a significant emphasis on non-profit educational institutions, receiving approximately half of the funds. The foundation extends support to public and private higher learning, non-traditional education providers for at-risk children, and after-school mentoring programs. Additionally, grants are provided for diverse initiatives such as medical, children and youth, animal welfare, relief and social causes, and special needs.

About our Foundation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Armstrong McDonald Foundation is to continue the philanthropic ideals and goals of James M. McDonald, Sr. through prudent and impartial review of all qualifying grant requests received annually to insure that awards are made to soundly conceived and operated non-profit organizations.

About Us
About Us

Trustees / Officers

Laurie L. Bouchard

1987 - 1991, 1993 - President

Michael J. Bouchard

1994 - Secretary/Treasurer

Ryan M. Bouchard

2000 - Vice President

Corby L. Lust

2003 - Vice President

Todd McDonald

2003 - Vice President